How to Recover Faster than ever After a Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation Salt Lake City, UT When it comes to getting a breast augmentation done, one of the hold ups that many patients have is the recovery time. Although every surgery and every patient is different, Dr. York Yates has a few helpful tips to speed up your recovery and help get you on a path toward feeling better.

Switch to Ibuprofen

Right after surgery, many patients experience some pain that may require a prescription strength painkiller. Prescription pain meds tend to make patients feel groggy and disoriented which can make you feel extremely out of it and not able to fully function or drive. And although it’s okay to use a strong painkiller at first, the sooner you switch to something over-the-counter like Ibuprofen, the sooner you’ll start to feel like yourself again.

Get Lots of Rest

Rest is your best friend after any surgery— especially a breast augmentation. We encourage our patients to take at least a couple of days off of work or away from normal everyday tasks. In some instances, we may recommend that you take an entire week off.

Come to your Post Op Appointments

Depending on the patient and the exact type of breast augmentation we did, it will dictate how many post op appointments you will have to come to. Although these appointments may seem like a hassle when you’re recovering, they’re a great way to speed up your entire recovery process. Not only do these appointments allow Dr. Yates to see how you’re healing but they also give him the chance to see if you have an infection or anything that could slow down your recovery time.

When we send you home from surgery, we will give you a detailed list of recovery tips and suggestions to help speed things up. If you are ready to learn more about breast augmentation surgery, schedule a consultation at our Layton office today and call 801.525.8741.

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