Things You Should Know Before Getting A Brazilian Butt Lift

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People always wonder how the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure works. The Brazilian butt lift is a combination of liposuction and fat grafting to reshape, contour, and add volume to the buttocks. The surgeon removes unwanted fat from other parts of your body (usually the abdomen, hips, or thighs) and then injects it into the “deflated” areas of your buttocks.

The Brazilian butt lift technique involves taking fat from one part of your body (usually from your abdomen) and injecting it into your buttocks to make them bigger. In addition, surgeons often use liposuction to remove excess skin in this area first before injecting the fat.

It’s Permanent

The effects of a Brazilian Butt Lift are permanent.   The fat that survives the transfer becomes a permanent addition to the backside.

It Doesn’t Work on Everyone

This procedure works best on people who have good skin elasticity and fat tissue in the areas where they want it removed from their body first (typically around the waist).   It also is most effective for patients with at least a little buttock volume.   Severe deficiency of the buttock doesn’t generally provide great results as there isn’t enough volume to graft into.

Safety First

The Brazilian butt lift is a drastic procedure, and not for the uneducated or reckless. You must take your time to research all that you can before having a Brazilian butt lift procedure.    If done by an experienced surgeon, using time-proven safety techniques, this can be a very safe procedure.   Done by inexperienced hands without a thorough understanding of the nature, this can be a very dangerous procedure.  

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