Transfer that Fat to Where It’s Wanted

We all have pockets of fat that are completely unwanted in their current locale, such as on the flanks or the lower abdomen. If only you could hire a U-Haul and move the fat to somewhere it was more appreciated, such as the breasts. Now there’s an idea!

It’s not just an idea to Dr. Yates — it’s reality. Dr. Yates uses fat transfer to provide his patients with larger breasts without implants.

Since this is such a cool procedure, let’s spend Aprils two cool blogs talking about it, shall we?

What is a fat transfer?

Just as someone can get transferred to a new location for their job, fat transfer takes fat from one area and moves it to another. Clinically called “autologous fat transfer,” Dr. Yates takes fat from somewhere it is causing irritation, such as the lower abdomen. The fat is then purified, removing everything but the fat cells, and it is loaded into syringes. The purified fat is then injected into the breasts to return volume that has been lost due to pregnancy and breastfeeding or simply due to aging.

Our patients from Layton and all around the Salt Lake Valley love fat transfer for breast augmentation because it is truly an all-natural solution to adding volume to their breasts. Most of the fat will permanently take in its new location, giving the patient larger, fuller breasts for the long haul, without any of the lingering concerns connected to breast implants.

Who is a good candidate for fat transfer to the breasts?

Patients do need to understand that fat transfers do have limitations with how much you can increase your breast size. Generally, assume you can increase your breasts by one to two cup sizes.

These are characteristics of a good candidate for this procedure. The candidate…

  • Has an area with enough unwanted fat to be harvested
  • Has good elasticity in the skin over that area for successful liposuction
  • Has moderate-sized breasts
  • Has minimal sagging in the breasts
  • Has good skin elasticity in the breast skin

With augmentation through fat transfer, in addition to not being able to dramatically change the breast size, the upper breasts cannot be filled out the way they are with breast implants.

In April’s second blog, we’ll get into this natural approach to breast augmentation even more. Until then, to schedule a consultation, call Dr. Yates at (801) 525-8741.

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