Is a Brazilian Butt Lift Right For You?

Brazilian Butt Lift Achieving a curvier figure is a common goal for many patients, which is why the Brazilian butt lift, or BBL, has increased in popularity over the years. But is this procedure right for you? Keep reading to find out.

What Is a BBL?

A BBL is a butt augmentation procedure that is intended to alter the shape and size of the butt to enhance your curves. The procedure is unique to each patient and augments the butt based on their goals and figure.

What Is Involved in a BBL Procedure?

Following a consultation, a BBL starts with liposuction, which removes fat from areas of the patient’s body where it is not desired. This may include the upper thighs and stomach.

This fat is then purified to be strategically injected into areas around the buttocks. Dr. York Yates pays particular attention to areas of the upper part of the buttocks, which are more likely to drop or sag due to aging.

When Will You See the Results?

The results may take a few weeks to be fully appreciated, but patients notice the impact of a BBL immediately.

How Long Do The Effects of a BBL Last?

While age and diet can impact your shape, the general results of a BBL are long-lasting.

What Are The Benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Since a BBL uses fat deposits from your own body, patients receive two major benefits. The first is shapelier buttocks; the second is the removal of fat from other areas, helping them to achieve a curvier figure.

This procedure can also enhance confidence and improve self-esteem, allowing patients to feel more comfortable wearing jeans or bathing suits.

Are You a Candidate For BBL?

Those with flat buttocks who want to avoid silicone implants are prime candidates for this procedure. In addition, since a BBL uses a person’s own fat deposits, the risk of infection or an allergic reaction is minuscule.

Good candidates should also be non-smokers in generally good health and have enough fat in other areas of their body to be used in their BBL.

Why Choose Dr. York Yates

Because of the risks, Dr. Yates does not perform butt augmentation with silicone implants. He has, however, embraced the much safer and longer-lasting results of a BBL. He also understands that your recovery period may be challenging, so he attentively monitors your recovery process.

To achieve your desired aesthetic, contact Dr. York Yates Plastic Surgery at 801-525-8741 to get started today.

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