For Men and Women: The Truth Behind Nipple Reduction Surgery

You’ve likely heard about breast reduction surgery, but did you know that you can also undergo nipple reduction surgery as well? By removing excess tissue and skin around the nipples, you can get smaller nipples in no time. Read on to learn more.

For Men
nipple reductionMany men who have large nipples feel self conscious when they’re out at the beach or pool with friends. If you are a male whose self-esteem hits an all time low when you’re shirtless, it’s time to consider nipple reduction surgery. With minimal scarring, your friends and family won’t even notice that you underwent surgery, but they will notice a more confident you.

Additionally, if you are a male who is going to undergo or who has undergone a male breast reduction surgery, you may want to consider nipple reduction surgery as well. Depending on the size of your nipples and how they relate to the size of your chest, you can decide if nipple reduction surgery is right for you.

For Women
Although very common among men, nipple reduction surgery can also be performed on women as well. Whether you born with extremely large nipples or if you have recently undergone breast reduction surgery and would like your nipples to match the size of your new breasts, nipple reduction surgery might be the perfect option for you to look into. As a common misconception, many women fear that their ability to breastfeed will be reduced if they undergo nipple reduction surgery. However, this is not the case. Because the incisions made to the nipple and the tissues removed are very small, your mammary glands will not be affected by this procedure. Additionally, any sort of stimulating sensation should not be lost. As mentioned above, nipple reduction surgery involves little scarring— if any at all— and will leave your breasts looking flawless and natural.

Nipple reduction surgery is a type of cosmetic surgery that helps both men and women regain their confidence and reassurance. To learn more about this type of surgery or to schedule a consultation, contact Dr. Yates today!

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