Natural breast augmentation

“Natural breast augmentation” is becoming a popular term in breast enhancement.  But what does it mean?

Of course, patients interested in breast augmentation would for the most part prefer a natural breast augmentation.  Does this mean the results look “natural” or that the augmentation uses natural tissue without implants?

Natural breast augmentation can mean:

  1. Breast augmentation with structural fat grafting
  2. Breast enhancement pills or creams (worthless in this plastic surgeons opinion)
  3. Breast enlargement with a suction device (Brava device)
  4. A natural appearing result with breast implants.

Of these, fat grafting is currently what most people are referring to when they use the term “natural breast augmentation”.

The idea is simple.  Fat and associated stem cells are harvested from other areas of the body and injected into the breast for augmentation.  Undoubtedly this works, but only to a small degree.   This is controversial and currently very few plastic surgeons offer this type of natural breast augmentation.

There are major problems with this procedure that need to be fully worked out before someone like myself would feel comfortable doing the procedure on a patient.

The most compelling issue is the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.   When the fat is injected there is always some of the tissue that does not survive the transfer.  This can lead to “fat necrosis” which could be confused with breast cancer on mammography.  This may lead to “too few” or “too many” biopsies of concerning areas.

Areas of fat necrosis could feel firm, defeating the goal of “natural breast augmentation”

The procedure, at best, results in a modest breast size increase.  In my experience, most patients who desire breast augmentation are looking for a more significant change than “natural breast augmentation” can afford.

Fat grafting is fickle and requires significant knowledge and experience to get it right.

I can not recommend “natural breast augmentation” at this time.  If you choose “natural breast augmentation”, please choose a board certified plastic surgeon who is comfortable with the procedure.  (There are very few).

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