What Should I Expect from my Liposuction Procedure?

What Should I Expect from my Liposuction Procedure?

One of the most important parts of going into any plastic surgery procedure, reconstructive or cosmetic, is your expectations. If you’re expecting something completely different than your procedure will actually give you, it doesn’t matter how good you look: you will be disappointed. However, if you have realistic expectations, you will most likely come out happy or even pleasantly surprised. So what should you expect from liposuction?

Will It Be a Drastic Change?

You should not go into liposuction expecting to lose a lot of weight or become much skinnier. You will look better, especially as your individual lipo procedure will target personal trouble areas. There will be a significant change in how you look and feel in certain areas. However, you should not expect to lose weight through liposuction. Expecting to come out of it with a perfect body and weight is unrealistic. Most doctors will not remove more than 6 to 8 pounds total, as taking out more in unsafe.

Liposuction will also not help with cellulite or baggy skin. If you struggle with one of these problems, talk to your surgeon about a procedure (such as a tuck or lift in the needed area) that will actually give you the results you desire.

How Long Will the Results Last?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. The results will be as permanent as you allow them to be. The fat that is removed will itself never come back; it is literally removed from your body. However, it will still be possible to gain weight after the surgery. You will need to take care of your body to prevent yourself from gaining that weight back. In addition, your body will also continue aging and that process can alter your body and its shape.

That being said, even if you gain the weight back, you will still be skinnier than if you had never had liposuction! And it usually takes a dramatic weight gain for the fat to come back in an area treated by liposuction.

Liposuction can be a great option for your trouble spots that you just wish would be a bit skinnier. However, make sure you know what the results will be before you commit to anything. You don’t want to be disappointed, and you want to choose the surgery that is best for you.

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