Pre-Operative Instructions


Surgery is performed in our AAAASF certified office
operating suite @ the Tanner Clinic in Layton


Be flexible. Your scheduled surgery time may be adjusted

Food and water

Nothing to eat or drink after midnight unless instructed
differently by Dr. Yates or his nurse. No exceptions
(coffee, gum or mints) medications may be taken with a
small sip of water

Personal items

  • Leave all jewelry and personal items at home. Make sure
    you take out all removable body jewelry
  • If you wear contacts lenses, leave them out for surgery
  • If you wear dental appliances, please remove them before


Wear comfortable clothing that is easy for us to get you
dressed into after surgery. Sweats, a zip-up jacket, and
slip-on shoes are best


Shower in the morning, wash the surgical site with soap.
If you have a history of MRSA or are prone to infections
you may consider washing the surgical site with Hibiclens.

Driver/ Adult attendance

Make sure you have someone who can drive you home
and be with you for 24 hours


  • It is recommended that you have ibuprofen on hand for
    after surgery
  • Start an OTC stool softener two days before surgery
    (Tummy Tuck)
  • Fill the following prescriptions and bring them with
    you the day of surgery
  • Do not take any of the prescription medications on
    your own before surgery


  • Percocet/Norco – For pain management
  • Valium/Diazepam – For Muscle Spasm(Breast
    Augmentation patients)
  • Gabapentin(Neurontin) – For nerve pain
  • Zofran/Ondansetron – For nausea
  • Cephalexin/Clindamycin – Antibiotic
  • Celebrex – Anti-inflammatory


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