What is the difference between a round or tear-drop shaped breast implant

Tear drop or shaped silicone breast implants have been used outside the U.S. for years and have recently been FDA approved for use in the U.S. for breast augmentation.   The currently FDA approved shaped implants are manufactured by Sientra, the newest player in the U.S. implant market.  The gummy bear implants are more cohesive than other silicone implants and as such able to be manufactured in a tear drop shape.  These are the implants that for years have been termed “gummy bear” breast implants in Utah and other states.   It is suggested that for some patients these implants can give a more natural breast augmentation result.  The increased volume in the lower breast may help with slight degrees of breast droop as well.  However, this implant is not ideal for every patient and many patients would feel there wasn’t enough upper breast fullness achieved with these implants.

There are other potential advantages to the gummy bear breast implants as well.  Shaped implants have shown to have a lower risk of rippling and possibly capsular contracture.  Dr. Yates has used the tear drop shaped, gummy bear implants at an increasing rate for his utah breast augmentation patients and he and his patients have been thrilled at some of the shape benefits.

Its not all good news as there are potential disadvantages to these shaped implants as well.  These implants are a little firmer than other silicone implants and have the unlikely ability to rotate in the implant pocket creating an unusual breast shape.  The ideal candidate for a tear drop implant has very little breast tissue, mild breast droop, is interested in a very natural shape, and would consider a slightly firmer result, slightly longer scar, and greater expense an acceptable trade-off.

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