Danger Danger: The Truth Behind Nipple Piercings

With famous celebrities and supermodels like Kendall Jenner getting their nipples pierced, more and more women have been hopping on this trend. As a way to not only look but feel sexy, nipple piercings aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, one thing that celebrities don’t tell you is just how damaging this type of piercing can be. From causing infections to cysts, this article will discuss the real dangers associated with nipple piercings. Read on to learn more.

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When you get any piercing done, you are putting your body at risk for developing an infection. By creating an open wound in your body, bacteria can easily enter and cause mild to severe infections. However, when you pierce an ultra sensitive part of your body— like your nipple— you are putting yourself at an even higher risk of developing an infection. To help prevent infection, make sure that you clean your piercing properly and that you don’t wear too tight of clothing that will rub against it.

Nerve Damage

Depending on where exactly on the nipple a patient gets pierced, they may develop nerve damage in the process. By puncturing certain parts of the milk glands, nipple piercing in some instances can make it difficult for a woman to breastfeed later on. Some women also experience a decrease in nipple stimulation due to nerve damage.


Some women develop small cysts under the skin after they get their nipples pierced. Causing irritation and pain, if you do develop a cyst make sure to contact your doctor to get it removed.

Depending on the generation, there are trends that come and trends that go. As a trend that is popular amongst women right now, nipple piercing does come with its fair share of risks. If you or a loved one are considering getting your nipples pierced, make sure that you know about the dangers associated with it. To learn more, contact Dr. York Yates today!

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