When Will You See Results From Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

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If an increase in breast size is something you’ve considered, you’re probably thinking about breast implants. But have you heard of fat transfer breast augmentation, also called breast fat transfer

Keep reading to learn more about this procedure and how soon you can expect to see the results.

What Is Breast Fat Transfer?

Breast fat transfer is the moving of fat cells from areas where you don’t want them – often, your lower abdomen and flanks – to an area you do – namely, your breasts. It is an alternative to breast augmentation through the use of implants and yields a moderate size increase.

How Is Breast Fat Transfer Done?

Fat cells are removed from an area of the body through liposuction. These cells are then purified before being injected back into the breasts.

When Will You See Results?

It’s important to realize that the results of a breast fat transfer are not as predictable as the results of breast implants. Also, the immediate results of a breast fat transfer will not be the lasting results. Breast fat transfer relies on your fat cells grafting into a new area, and not all of them will survive the transfer. There will be some loss of fat cells following the procedure.

Your new breast size will be stable within several months of the procedure and permanent from that time on. If the size increase wasn’t as much as you’d hoped, you can opt to repeat the procedure and have more fat cells transferred.

However, one benefit of breast fat transfer over breast implants is that the transfer results are permanent. Implants, on the other hand, require additional surgeries to be replaced every 10-20 years.

Contact Dr. York Yates to Discuss Breast Fat Transfer

While it is simple in concept, breast fat transfer is best done by a plastic surgeon experienced in liposuction, breast aesthetics, and soft tissue grafting. Dr. York Yates has performed more than 10,000 major procedures in over 17 years in practice. 

Contact Dr. York Yates Plastic Surgery in Layton, Utah, at 801-525-8741 to make an appointment to discuss breast fat transfer.

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