Liposuction Financing

The cost of liposuction in Utah is generally less than many areas in the country. Utah has a reputation for excellent plastic surgery at affordable prices.

The cost of liposuction listed is all inclusive, including:

  • Anesthesia fees – (Generally can be done with less expensive light sedation)
  • Facility fees (AAAASF certified in-office operating room)
  • Surgeons fees (fees listed are bilateral where applicable)
  • All pre and post operative care, including surgeons fees for any revision surgery deemed necessary
  • 25% discounts are given to additional liposuction areas
Liposuction abdomen $3575-4725
Liposuction upper hips $3475-4225
Liposuction outer thighs $3475-4225
Liposuction inner thighs $ 3475-4225
Liposuction circumferential thighs $6975-8225
Liposuction buttocks $3475
Liposuction inner knee $2000
Liposuction calves $4725-5975
Liposuction arms $4425-5375
Liposuction upper back $2525-2925
Liposuction chin/ neck $2575-2925
Buttock Augmentation fat grafting $2500 in addition to liposuction fees

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