The Preferred Utah Liposuction Technique of Dr. York Yates

Being one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, the liposuction surgery or lipoplasty has gone through many innovations over the years. For one thing, there are many techniques in achieving the goals of liposuction surgery. At the same time, nowadays, there are various alternative procedures that are advertised to attain the same results as lipoplasty – including those deemed as non-surgical methods. Still, at the core of everything, the liposuction goal remains: removal of unwanted fat in defined regions of the body. Such target regions may include Arms, Abdomen, Back (bra bulge), Upper Hips (spare tire or muffin-top) , Inner Thighs , Outer Thighs, and Neck (double chin).

Utah Plastic Surgeon Dr. York Yates has years of actual practice, training, and industry exposure on various forms of lipoplasty surgery. For him, the ideal alternative to traditional lipo should minimize risks and cost and maximize its effect at the same time. While the Board-Certified Surgeon does not hesitate in using innovative techniques and technology to address body fat issues, he will however ensure that such techniques and gadgets are indeed helpful and not merely “fads”. A lot of lipo treatments out there – or the so-called alternative procedures – are hyped so much without showing any significant improvement to fat issues. Other techniques are not even approved by the FDA.

For Dr. Yates, he prefers power assisted lipo, which is actually a modification of traditional tumescent lipoplasty. He will thus suction and remove fat using a cannula attached to a vibrating hand piece. Using this simple yet effective technology, it has been proven over and over again that such is more efficient in removing fat and it provides the surgeon with greater artistic control in performing the procedure.

Dr. Yates acknowledges that his preferred Utah Liposuction technique is not the absolute ideal for all patients. There are instances when a minimally invasive technique is more effective – or even a laser assisted method.  At the end of the day, the surgery method and technique should be tailored to suit the patient’s particular condition and cosmetic goals.

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