Weight Loss and Plastic Surgery: Breaking Things Down

plastic surgery after weight loss Procedures for removing excess skin after weight loss are among the fastest-growing areas in plastic surgery. Factors driving this trend include the increasing popularity of bariatric surgery and the importance of healthy living. With plastic surgery after weight loss, patients can remove excess skin and achieve their ideal figure. Common procedures include arm lifts, thigh lifts, and body lifts. Learn more about how these procedures can benefit you after weight loss.

Why Does Excess Skin Occur?

Bariatric surgery has advanced greatly, especially during the last few years. These procedures are now safe and effective, even in cases where patients lose over 100 pounds in the first year. Patients undergoing these procedures are justifiably excited by their weight loss but are often still disappointed by their appearance due to their excess skin.

The skin’s elasticity is limited, resulting in surplus skin after sudden weight loss. The areas most affected include the abdomen, arms, breasts, and inner thighs. In addition, excess skin can interfere with dressing and other activities, leading to irritation, discomfort, and other skin conditions. Fortunately, plastic surgeons can remove excess skin and recontour these areas with various lifts.

When Can I Schedule Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss?

The timing of plastic surgery after weight loss is critical to the ultimate outcome of these procedures. For example, the weight loss in the area to be operated on should be virtually complete. This is a crucial consideration because residual weight loss often occurs after the initial loss.

The distribution of fat also has a profound effect on when plastic surgery should be performed after losing weight. In the case of abdominoplasty, patients with thinner abdominal tissue will almost always have better results than those with thick tissue. Furthermore, the risk of surgical complications diminishes as patients approach their desired weight. In addition, some areas will take longer to lose weight than others. All of these factors can delay plastic surgery, which can be emotionally challenging for the patient.

In general, we recommend patients wait until they are at a stable weight and have maintained it for at least six months. However, each person is different, and we recommend speaking with Dr. Yates about your individual situation.

Are You Interested in Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss?

Plastic surgery to remove excess skin can help patients enjoy their weight loss. Contact the office of Dr. York Yates at (801) 525-8741 today to schedule a consultation.

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