Breast Augmentation Financing

The cost of breast augmentation and breast enhancement surgery in Utah is generally less than many areas of the country. Utah has a reputation for excellent breast augmentation results at an affordable price.

The average cost of breast augmentation is $3,708 according to 2014 statistics form the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.   This is somewhat misleading as it does not include anesthesia or operating room expenses.   The total cost of breast augmentation in our office  includes:

  • The cost of the breast implants
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Facility fees
  • Surgeons fees
Saline breast augmentation $5400
Silicone breast augmentation $5900
Silicone anatomic (tear drop) breast augmentation $6700
Breast lift $5650-7800
Breast lift with saline implants $7150-9050
Breast lift with silicone implants $7650-9550
Breast Reduction (traditional) $6500-8000
Implant exchange $5150-6450
Remove/ replace implants for capsular contracture $7700-8200
Implant malposition repair $6900-7400
Scarless breast reduction (female) $3900-4400
Gynecomastia liposuction $3500-4325
Gynecomastia excision $3975-5375
Gynecomastia excision + liposuction $5375
Nipple reduction $2500
Areola reduction $4100

For a list of costs of other procedures click here

Looking for cheap breast augmentation? Be cautious, you usually get what you pay for. Most doctors offering cheap breast augmentation are not plastic surgeons or have inadequate training and experience in breast augmentation.

After revisions, “cheap breast augmentation” can cost much, much more.

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