The Ideal Implant – A More Natural Saline

What is the Ideal Implant®?

The Ideal implant® is a new breast implant unlike anything we have seen before. It is a hybrid implant combining many of the advantages of both saline and silicone breast implants.

The Ideal implant was designed by a plastic surgeon to satisfy the desire of women who were concerned about silicone implants but didn’t want the drawbacks of saline. The design includes a series of shells and chambers within the implant that controls the flow of saline making it feel less like a bag of water. Imagine a waterbed in which the water flows freely. Now imagine the same waterbed filled with a honeycomb network that slows the water from flowing freely. That is the concept behind the design.

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Who is a candidate for the Ideal Implant?

Basically any woman who is a candidate for breast augmentation is a candidate for the ideal implant. Although studies have been supportive regarding the safety of silicone implants there are some patents that still have a concern and are uncomfortable with the idea of silicone. Furthermore, silicone implants have the potential for silent ruptures, which is an implant rupture without visible signs. Similar to all saline implants, if there is a rupture with the Ideal implant it simply deflates and there is no concern of silent rupture.

Before & After


Before and 3 months after breast augmentation. She was concerned about silent silicone ruptures and we chose the “Ideal” implant. This is a saline implant that feels a lot like silicone with a much lower rippling rate than standard saline. We chose a fill volume of 215 cc on the right and 210 cc on the left. She reports she went from an A to a B/C cup. View More.

Does the Ideal Implant look and feel exactly like silicone?

Although not silicone, it feels a lot more like a silicone implant than a saline implant. The feel is somewhere in-between. The shape is nearly indistinguishable from that of a silicone implant.

Is the Ideal Implant safe?

Studies have supported the safety of the Ideal Implant.

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What implant sizes are available in the Ideal Implant?

The availability of choices when it comes to size and dimension is a major drawback for the ideal implant. Most plastic surgeons are very particular about the dimensions of the implant as it pertains to the patient. That is why in all other implant brands there are multiple profile options available. The Ideal implant will only have one profile available which is most similar in diameter and projection to a high profile silicone implant by other brands. There are 14 size options ranging from 210 cc to 755 cc.

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Is the Ideal Implant available in Utah?

The Ideal implant® received FDA approval in 2014. Dr. Yates was at one time the exclusive Ideal implant® provider for northern Utah.

How much does the Ideal Implant cost?

Cost is a disadvantage of the Ideal implant as they are a little more expensive than standard saline or silicone implants. The price is in the same ballpark as cohesive silicone implants.

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