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The areola (a-re-la) is the pigmented glandular skin around the nipple. It is not uncommon for patients to feel uncomfortable with the size of the areola. The goals of areolar reduction surgery are to reduce the size of the areola, often making it more circular in the process.

How is areola reduction performed?

Areola reduction requires removal of the excess areolar skin. An appropriate sized circular incision is made around the nipple. The excess areola skin is removed in a doughnut pattern. The outer and inner circles are closed. This procedure is modified a little when performed at the time of a breast lift or breast reduction.

What trade-offs are associated with areola reduction?

The major trade-off is the scar that extends completely around the areola. Depending on the size of the areola and the shape of the breast, this can lead to a little central breast flattening as well. For protruding or puffy nipples this flattening is desirable.

A common complication after areola reduction is recurrence as the skin envelope pulls the areola outward.   Prevention of this issue requires an accurate patient selection and long-lasting internal suturing techniques.

What kind of anesthesia is used for areola reduction surgery?

Anesthesia for areola reduction can range from local anesthesia to sedation to general anesthesia.   In our practice, local anesthesia with or without sedation is preferred. 

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