Can Breast Reduction Really Be Scarless?

scarless breast reduction Breast reduction is a common solution for patients with large breasts looking to reduce discomfort in the back, neck, and shoulders to achieve a desired aesthetic. During their consultation, many patients considering breast reduction ask about the possibility of scarring following their procedure. At Dr. York Yates Plastic Surgery, we provide scarless breast reduction as an alternative to traditional breast reduction that allows you to receive the results you desire without scarring. Learn more about how this procedure works and discover if you are a candidate.

Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Scarless Breast Reduction?

The best candidates for scarless breast reduction have good skin and are in overall good health. It is also ideal for the nipples and areolas to be in a good position, eliminating the need to reposition the breasts. In addition, we recommend patients have minimal breast ptosis (sagging) to ensure ideal results. Furthermore, patients must have realistic expectations of the results they can expect.

Scarless breast reduction is intended for women who have a significant amount of fat in their breasts, as opposed to breast tissue.

Scarless breast reduction is ideal for patients requiring slight to moderate breast reduction. Those who want more than one cup size reduction should consider a short, traditional breast reduction.


During the procedure, Dr. Yates performs tumescent liposuction of the breast, which reduces the size of the breast while avoiding the need for typical incisions. A micro-suction tube is inserted through a very small incision, and a numbing fluid is pumped into the breast. Dr. Yates then uses this tube to remove tumescent fat with gentle suction. The procedure requires no more than two hours, and fat removal is permanent. Furthermore, scarless breast reduction requires no stitches and has a short recovery time.


All surgeries leave some type of scarring, but the incisions from liposuction are very small. There are typically two incisions on each breast measuring 1/4 inch in length, which Dr. Yates can strategically hide under the breasts. The small size of the incisions also helps the scars to heal and fade.

Are You Interested in Scarless Breast Reduction?

Dr. York Yates is a top cosmetic and plastic surgeon who combines surgical expertise with precise artistic ability, allowing him to provide patients with their desired results. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Yates today at (801) 525-8741 to determine if scarless breast reduction in Layton, UT, is right for you.

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