What to Do After Massive Weight Loss Surgery

cs1 Having undergone plastic surgery for massive weight loss can be as massively overwhelming as pounds you have previously lost. This surgery is truly invasive and may take a lot of aftercare responsibility from you as you recover. Don’t worry though. You can totally recover graciously from the procedure if you have the motivation, and the right tips, to do so.

Activities and Exercise Post-Surgery

Before leaving the hospital, Dr. Yates usually advises his patients to stand up and walk around a bit to promote good blood circulation. Over the course of your recovery, walking becomes your buddy as it provides a lot of benefits to the post-surgery patient.

Make sure assistance is available at home for some period following your operation. This means someone to drive you home right after surgery and someone to help you around at home, especially in wound dressing, taking medications, and meal preparation, for a few weeks. Within two weeks, patients may already drive on their own while it takes six to eight weeks before the patient may return to his or her regular activities.

Diet and Eating Habits

Since there are changes made to your stomach during your massive weight loss surgery, there may already be a need to create some changes in your diet all throughout. These may include chewing your food as slowly and as thoroughly as possible. This will help grind your food into very small pieces to aid the stomach in digesting it. Avoid drinking water simultaneously as you eat as this may promote a premature feeling of fullness that could even induce vomiting.

The type of food you eat greatly matters in maintaining the results of your surgery. It is advisable to avoid eating ones that are high in fat and sugar as this may lead to dumping syndrome and can cause considerable discomfort. Instead, opt for ones that are high in protein. Fresh vegetables and fruits will never do you wrong.

Massive Weight Loss Surgery in Salt Lake City

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