3 Unique Reasons to Consider a Mommy Makeover

We have talked about the benefits of getting a mommy makeover before on our blog, and we stand by them. As a combination of procedures, a mommy makeover can help you get your pre-baby body back in no time. In addition to gaining back your self-esteem, however, let’s go over three unique reasons for you to consider a mommy makeover.

Abdominal Separation

Your stomach did a lot of growing while you were pregnant; Some of it throwing it entirely out of whack. A lot of women experience changes to their abdominal muscles like abdominal separation, which can make your abdominal muscles look uneven or feel weak. If you opt to get a tummy tuck as part of your mommy makeover, Dr. Yates will tighten your abdominal muscles and move them back into place so that your core is stronger again.

Asymmetrical Breasts

You may not have realized that your breasts are asymmetrical your milk came in after you had your baby. If you are self-conscious because of your asymmetrical breasts, then Dr. Yates can help fix his problem with a breast augmentation. Depending on how severe the asymmetry is, Dr. Yates may use two different sizes of implants to give you a more even look, but he will be able to decide which route to take after your consultation.

Excess Fat

No, having excess fat isn’t something very unique to have after you’ve had a baby, but some women experience excess fat in less obvious areas of their body like their upper arms or buttocks. With liposuction, Dr. Yates can remove this excess fat so that you have your pre-body baby back before you know it. And, if you have more than one problem area, he can usually target them all at once.

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