Choosing the Right Size of Implant for Your Body

If you are considering undergoing breast enhancement surgery, you have a few decisions to make: saline or silicone? B cup or D cup? As one of the most crucial decisions that you and Dr. York Yates can make together, deciding what size of implant is ideal for your body size and type will help you to get the most naturally looking end result possible. Read on to learn more.

Look at Your Body Frame

breast implants If you are a petite female with small bones, a short stature, and overall small looking features, then you aren’t going to want to jump from an A cup to a drastic D. Not only would that sort of leap make you look disproportionate but it could potentially cause you health problems— like back pain— further down the line. Whereas if you are a fuller figured woman who currently wears a C cup, then you are likely okay to jump to a D or even DD cup in order to help balance out your figure.

Look at Your Lifestyle

One thing that many patients often overlook is to assess their lifestyle when picking an implant. For instance, do you live an active lifestyle in which you spend hours of your week at the gym or in the outdoors? If so, then you are going to want to pick an implant that won’t necessarily get in the way—- meaning, that DD cup you’ve been coveting, might be better left to someone with a more sedentary lifestyle.

Look At Pictures

If you simply are at a loss as to what type of implant is suitable for your body, bring in some magazine pictures of celebrities or models who have you similar body type with a breast size that you would like. That way Dr. York Yates has a better idea of what you want and can give you the best results possible.

As you can see, there are several considerations to make when choosing the right size of implant for your body. However, with the help and expertise of Dr. York Yates, you can get breasts that will enhance your figure and make you stand a little taller. To learn more, contact Dr. York Yates today!

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