Postoperative Instructions

General instructions

  1. You will need a responsible adult to drive you home and stay with you for 24 hours after surgery

  2. Drink plenty of fluids

  3. Eat light – salads, soups, light breads etc…

    • Take the medications only as prescribed.

    • Eat a little before beginning your pain medications to avoid nausea.

    • If prescribed, take your medications for nausea (Zofran, Phenergan, or Vistaril) before beginning pain medications.

    • No Alcohol – this is dangerous to mix with the effects of anesthesia and pain medications.

    • Begin pain medications early to “keep on top” of the pain.

    • Have an adult responsible for keeping track of your medication schedule.

    • You may add 800 mg ibuprofen for additional pain control. No Aspirin. No Tylenol if you are taking Percocet (which has Tylenol in it).

    • Call the office or page/text Dr. Yates with questions about your medications or any signs of medication allergy.

  4. No smoking

  5. Leave all dressings in place and dry unless instructed otherwise by Dr. Yates.

  6. Leave surgical tape/ steri-strips in place.

  7. Begin stool softeners/ laxatives if you have not had a bowel movement within the first 48 hours (pain medications can cause constipation).

  8. Call if you develop a yeast infection from the antibiotic for treatment.

  9. Dr. Yates will give you your specific activity/ work restrictions which varies according to procedure.

  10. Get out of bed and walk as able at least three times a day.

  11. Apply ice as instructed (eyelid surgery, facelift surgery).

  12. Elevate head of bed as instructed (facial surgery).

  13. You may shower when instructed by Dr. Yates (generally the following day unless drains are in place such as after a tummy-tuck).

  14. You may drive when no longer under the influence of pain medications.

  15. Begin scar treatment as instructed

    Procedure specific instructions

    Feel free to text/ call Dr. Yates with additional questions or concerns.


Abdominoplasty testimonial

I had gastric bypass in December 2002, after loosing over 100 lbs I decided it was time to get the overhanging skin removed. I was referred by friends to several plastic surgeons and went to consultations with them all. Most of the doctors tried telling me that I needed more than a tummy tuck, they wanted to do liposuction and a breast lift and augmentation and several other things that I thought were unnecessary, and couldn’t afford to do. After going to see Dr. York Yates, I knew that he was the right one for me. he didn’t tell me that I needed several different things done, he gave me my options and told me what he thought would look best on me. Dr. Yates and his staff were more than helpful, any questions or concerns I had were immediately addressed and they were always there if I needed anything both before and after the surgery. I couldn’t be more pleased with the results, and I couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon!

He is by far the best plastic surgeon you will find anywhere, I have highly recommended him to my family and friends and anyone else who asks.


Liposuction and abdominoplasty testimonial

I underwent two procedures performed by Dr York Yates. I had lipo-suction of my inner thighs, outer thighs, and lower abdomen. I also had an abdominoplasty. The results from the abdominoplasty were amazing the first day! Today is the end of six weeks and my stomach looks better than it has ever looked in my entire life! My liposuction results are much better than I had expected.

Dr. Yates is professional and curteous as are his office staff. He is an artist and a perfectionist which I think is important.

I would highly recommend him as a cosmetic surgeon


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