3D Breast Augmentation

Simulate your own breast augmentation before and after photo!

“How will I look after breast augmentation?” Choosing the breast implant size can be the most difficult decision for a patient undergoing breast augmentation. Now we have the amazing ability to “see” the breast augmentation results before the operation with the Vectra Breast Sculptor ® by Canfield. We are the first and currently ONLY plastic surgery office to have this in Utah and have had it since 01/2010. This will be a “standard” for all plastic surgeons within a few years. Come try the future of breast augmentation planning, now in our office! A 3D image is taken of the breasts with the Canfield Vectra Breast Sculptor at the beginning of the consultation.

This is our actual Vectra 3D system in our office

The volume and dimensions of the breasts are analyzed by the computer. The image can be modified in a variety of ways including breast lift or breast augmentation simulation which will be done in a private, comfortable, fully clothed setting with Dr. Yates.

The technology is incredible and is quite accurate at predicting postoperative outcomes in breast augmentation. This is a game changer in breast augmentation and the response from patients has been very positive.

For breast augmentation, this simulation:

  • Allows the patient to “see” how the breast implant size and dimension they have chosen will look like without clothing
  • Can include simulated clothing as well to show others
  • Allows the patient to visualize areas of asymmetry in their breasts they may not have noticed
  • Is helpful to the patient trying to decide whether a breast lift is desired in addition to breast implants.
  • Is helpful for communication with the patient about their desired breast shape

    Click the image for a 3D imaging demonstration

Don’t leave choosing the perfect breast implant size to chance:

  • Look at lots of pictures
  • Pay attention to breast implant size
  • Find a plastic surgeon experienced with breast augmentation to help guide your decision
  • “Try on” implants
  • Simulate the results with Dr. Yates 3D breast imaging

*We have generally found that actual surgical results meet or exceed simulated results. However, simulated results are only computer generated representations of surgical expectations. Actual results may vary. Simulated results are not a guarantee of outcomes.

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