The Preferred Buttock Augmentation Technique of Dr. Yates

Buttock augmentation is a surgical procedure performed to reshape the buttocks contour usually by adding volume to the gluteal region. The said region is basically the medical term for what is commonly known as your “butt” – including its underlying skin tissue and muscles. As an aesthetic enhancement procedure, it is undertaken to augment buttocks volume and achieve a fuller, more defined body shape.

Fat Grafting and Butt Implants are the two main methods of performing buttocks augmentation today. With Fat Grafting, liposuction is done to harvest your excess fat in the undesired areas around your buttocks and then such fat is transferred into your buttocks to achieve the desired form. With Butt Implant, the procedure is similar to breast implant wherein an incision is made within the gluteal crease to place the implant.

Utah Plastic Surgeon Dr. York Yates prefers Fat Grafting as his augmentation technique because of its superiority over Buttocks Implant method. Fat Grafting is more efficient and safer, as well as generally more effective to attain your aspired buttocks shape. The results from buttock augmentation can be enhanced by reducing fat in surrounding areas, giving improved form.  Because Buttocks Implant is a method with fairly high complication rate, Dr. Yates has opted not to perform such method.

The preferred Buttock Augmentation Technique is much more than adding volume to the gluteal region. Using his exceptional surgery skills, Dr. Yates performs masterful liposuction to reduce and reshape the fatty areas surrounding your buttocks. And then the harvested fat – treated delicately and concentrated in a sterile environment – is transferred into the buttocks in a three-dimensional method.  This type of buttock augmentation has been also coined “Brazilian butt lift”.  Using Fat Grafting technique, Dr. Yates has helped numerous patients in the Utah region and elsewhere to achieve their desired buttocks and body contour.

Aside from being experienced in buttock augmentation procedures, Dr. Yates is also a bona fide diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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