After Breast Lift: What Now?

pb3a Congratulations on getting the perkier breasts you have always wanted! Now that you have younger-looking breasts, it is often normal to be left with a question — what now? What happens to your breasts while they recover? What will your body feel? How will you alleviate the symptoms?

Do not drown yourself with all these questions and not know what to do.

Immediately After Breast Lift

After the completion of your surgery, your breasts will be wrapped in an elastic bandage or a supportive bra to immobilize the breasts as much as possible. During this time, it is normal to feel some soreness and swelling as well as notice some bruises in the breasts which can last several days. These side effects can be addressed using pain medications and wearing of a supportive garment the whole day.

Keep Yourself Elevated

This is an important step as you recover from a breast lift. During the first few days after your operation, sleeping on an inclined position, about 25 to 45 degrees, can help reduce the swelling in your breasts as well as improve your body’s overall blood circulation. Know that the swelling may persist and even increase in severity within the first three days post-surgery and may even last several weeks to months. Staying elevated can help improve your tolerance to swelling.

Handling Breast Lift Scarring

Since incisions have been made during a breast lift, do not be surprised to find out that scars can occur after your surgery. However, you can always avoid the increase in prominence of these scars by avoiding tobacco weeks before and after your breast lift. Smoking can interfere greatly with your skin’s ability to heal and could contribute much to its scarring.

Make sure that you take care of yourself in any way possible. This includes having proper nutrition and taking multivitamins to keep your body in tiptop shape. Avoid tanning salons as they can cause the scars to darken. While you’re at it, consider over-the-counter scar treatments that Dr. Yates recommends.

Breast Lift in Salt Lake City, UT

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