Breast implant infections are less common in an office based setting

Infection after breast augmentation can be devastating.  Most commonly, these cannot be treated with antibiotics alone and often require removal of one or both implants.  Unhappy patient.  Unhappy surgeon.

The reported U.S incidence of postoperative infection after breast augmentation is around 2 -2.5%.

There is a trend towards more aggressive bacteria causing these infections.  A recent study in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeryjournal revealed 68% of these infections to be caused my MRSA.  This is a very aggressive bacteria and can be difficult to treat.  In this study, all of the procedures were done in a hospital based operating room.

These numbers seem really high to me.  Particularly given the fact that… knock on wood….I haven’t had a single implant infection in the seven years of my practice.   This is something around 1000 implants without a single infection!

My general strategy involves.

  1. Preoperative antibiotics, given before the surgery
  2. Meticulous prep
  3. Bathing the implants in antibiotics and wiping the skin incision with antibiotics prior to implantation
  4. Limited handling of the implant
  5. Postoperative antibiotics
  6. Performing the procedure in my own office operating room

Having my own certified office based operating room is the key.

As opposed to a hospital operating room, only clean procedures are done in my O.R.   There are no sick or infected patients.  The multi-antibiotic resistant bacteria found in hospitals is not a problem.  There are fewer operating room staff involved and fewer potential sources of contamination.

Other advantages to choosing a certified office based operating room for your breast augmentation include; cost, safety, privacy, and overall patient comfort and experience.

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